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He thought of me.

The Man Who Dumped Me sent me a note today.  We talk every day, but today he ended with “just a note because this made me think of you.” And ah, yikes. I’m not ready for poignant friendship. I don’t want to suddenly have a case of the “I wish he’d take me backs.” I want to feel stronger, more confident, and more lovely. I want to smack him across the face with my awesomeness and make *him* all yearny, not me. But I am. All yearny that is.

So! If I needed motivation to get in a second workout today, this was it. I’m going out for a damned walk. Hurgh! Damnit, I’m going to heal, and I’m going to heal into something better than I was before. Yikes, yikes, yikesity.

(Also, I *love* my Listerine tooth-whitening rinse.  Mr. Surrealist and I took some pictures together, and I love how white my teeth look in them.)


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My quest for revenge has led me to become an even more ingenius mastermind.  In my search to crush my ex’s soul with my bad-assedry, I have honed my plans to even more excellent proportions.

This plan will have alternate days: Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 1: run/walk, push-ups, crunches, (and swimming, yoga, or hiking)

Day 2: walk, oblique crunches, glute bridges, and tricep dips (which are oh, so difficult) (and swimming, yoga, or hiking)

What makes this plan so very cunning is that it gives me a day to rest up from the high-impactedness of the running, and it gives one set of muscles a chance to rest while I work on the others.

I will continue to eat only meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and water or tea, and I’ve added small amounts of dark chocolate to the permission list.

Also! I have just read Andy Paige’s “Style on a Shoestring”, and I *adore* it. I want to follow every bit of advice in there.  What she has to say about the fit of a garment and the colors you choose to wear is incredibly smart.  I’ve been applying her ideas.

I culled my wardrobe and got rid of everything that didn’t fit my body according to her standards.  I bought a pair of cute shoes. I started wearing bling and putting my hair back.

Wouldn’t you know it? Yesterday and the day before I got stormed with compliments. SO, say I. SO, SO.  I will be putting together a binder of checklists based on her recommendations and will take it shopping with me wherever I go. Ooh, ooh, ooh.  This is exciting. And vengeful.  When The Man Who Dumped Me sees me next, with my new sense of style and my whiter teeth and my healthier body, he will be oh, so sorry.


Diet and exercise (to be updated throughout the day):

Twenty oblique crunches, twenty glute bridges, and twenty tricep dips completed. Thirty minute walk completed. Ate a mini-chicken pie and a tiny vanilla cupcake. Breast of chicken, lentils, and a square of dark chocolate.

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I visited Mr. Surrealist in his city on Saturday and Sunday.  We walked in Japanese gardens and ate a four course meal at a fondue restaurant. I didn’t mind at all.  I ran on Saturday morning, and walked about his neighborhood on Sunday morning.  The weekend was a total loss, diet-wise, but pleasant and productive enough exercise-wise.

This morning I jog/walked at a different ratio: three minutes of jogging to five minutes of walking, and I managed that with a sufficient degree of success.  My shins are beginning to decry my treatment of them, so I’ll only be running every other day now, but I’m developing cross-training plans and have been given a gift card for some excellent shoes.

Now I owe myself some crunches and push-ups; so…


Diet and exercise (to be updated throughout the day):

Thirty-minute jog/walk completed (three minutes of jogging to five minutes of walking).

Avocado and an orange for breakfast. Lunch! A grapefruit, some beef jerky, spring carrots, celery, and a few bites of steak.  A cup of tea. A square of dark chocolate.  Thirty push-ups and seventy crunches completed. Dinner was another avocado, a grapefruit, sunflower seeds, and peanuts.

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The crap:

Ate wildly and hungrily at a *magnificent* buffet spread after a troubling memorial service.

Proceeded to skip dinner.

Was tired and oogy for this morning’s jog/walk.

The victorious:

I didn’t back out of my jogging or running, even though I was poorly fueled and tired.

The Man Who Dumped Me *will* one day see me lithe and happier without him, and I won’t let a little thing like a binge at a buffet get me down.


Talk to me about shins and ankles.

How can I protect them from the thudding? Are there stride tips? Shoe tips? Independent exercises that I can do?


Diet and exercise (to be updated throughout the day)!

Sixty-seven crunches and twenty-seven push-ups completed.

Thirty minute jog/walk completed (one minute of walking to five minutes of jogging). Ate a mango, some strips of bell pepper, and a few olives for breakfast.  Hiked for an hour and a half–an hour straight up, a half-hour straight down).  Ate spare ribs, a salad, and a frozen yogurt.

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One part of this process has been, for me, re-labeling myself. I am not lazy. I am not unhealthy. I am not meant to be fat.

I am a health nut. I am active. I eat right. I will have a healthy heart and a low risk of cancer. I will live a long, vibrant life. I am athletic.

This is all about redefining myself for the better and shaping my body and my life to better fit what I want and what I can be.

The Man Who Dumped Me may never realize how far down I’d slid or how far up I will climb, but that’s just fine. I’ll know.  And I’ll know that I am muscular, able-bodied, and capable. So nyah.

I am a health nut.  I am a health nut.  I am a health nut. I am a health nut. I am a health nut.

A friend told me, after a long embrace “Your body has really tightened up; it feels different.”



Diet and exercise (updated throughout the day).

Thirty minute walk–this time with a fast-walking partner. Yowsa. Eighteen pushups and fifty-eight crunches, check.

For breakfast, I had a banana, a tomato, an orange, and a huge glass of water. For the first part of lunch, I had a bowl of vegetable soup. For the second part of lunch, I had a banana and a cup of tea.

I played in the water for an hour, mellow-style.

I am, just now, having a snack of three prunes and a cup of anise tea.

Dinner tonight is fish fillets (wrapped in foil with garlic powder and slices of onion and baked), along with a side dish of stove-cooked zucchini, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.  Nommers.

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I walk every morning. (Soon to morph into jogging as the training allows)

I swim or do another bit of low impact exercise every afternoon.

I do push ups and crunches, and I add one more of each every day.

I eat only fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and lentils.

I drink only plain water or tea.

I am kind, chatty, and low-pressure with The Man Who Dumped Me.

I plan my revenge and use my spite as fuel to propel me along my way (it works!).

Soon, oh yes, soon, within months, I will be transformed for the healthier, the prettier, and the sexier.  The Man Who Dumped Me will weep bitter tears upon seeing my bodacious person, oh yes. Oh yes.

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So, today, in order to jumpstart my day with an appropriate amount of vengeance, I cooked butter lettuce, romaine lettuce, kale, chopped celery, chopped ginger, and green chiles together in a big pot.  I ate them with green tea in lieu of coffee and went out for a twenty minute walk.

For lunch, I cooked chopped chicken breasts, onions, tomatoes, and garlic together and served them over brown rice.  I drank water along with it.

A few hours later, I did ten push ups and drank more green tea.

I’ll be telling you soon about my skin and hair care routines, and about my planned psychological warfare tactics.  This guy is going to feel wistful, oh yes.

Oh! Also, today I applied whitening strips to my teeth. Not tidily. But I applied them.  Pretty soon I’ll tell you what I had for dinner.

Edit: the promised update!  Dinner is a sweet potato, cold steamed greens, a miniature banana, a plum, and just a bit of beef jerky. I drank three glasses of water just before I ate; I was thirsty!

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