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So, clear skin is a sign of youth and health and is therefore considered to be sexually desireable, since, hey, a person wants a healthy mate.  Since I’m all about making the guy who dumped me a piteously sad about not being able to pass on his genes through me, I’m all about demonstrating my youth and vitality–especially since the woman he dumped me for is several years older than I am.

Therefore, I have:

1. gone off of bar soap and am using a gentle body wash instead

2. am washing my face only in tepid water, to avoid irritating it with extreme temperatures

3. am washing my face first in water with my fingers, then with a foaming face wash

4. am exfoliating my face daily (and gently!) with a new, clean washcloth, and also exfoliating the rest of my body

5. am wearing unscented, dye-free lotion on my face and body


6. applying sun screen religiously and liberally.

I’m also wearing scads of lip balm and have bought a hat to shield my face from sunlight when I go outside.  It should also be mentioned that I’m putting a lot of focus on eating a diet high in antioxidants (read: fruits and vegetables) and that I’m making lots of time for sleep.

I’m not necessarily sleeping much, since, hey, the man I love just left me and I’m confused and frustrated and really, really, really sad, but I’m making time for it.

I have, of course, a specific philosophy about skin care, but I’d be interested to hear about yours. What’s your take on keeping skin pretty?


The daily log! (updated throughout the day)

I’ve started my day with fifty sit ups and eleven push ups.  I’m about to go on a twenty minute walk. (I’m back! It sprinkled on me a little bit! Do I get hardcore points?)

Breakfast! I ate an orange and a carrot, along with two mugs of hot green tea. I also cooked lentils and am eating them with chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lime juice.

(my food waste bowl is getting a little iffy under the counter there–better take it to the compost heap today)

Lunchtime-ish food eating! I went to a cupcake shop with a friend, so while she ate her cupcake, I ate a banana and an apple and drank mint tea. I’ll need a snack later, I think.

Da snack: (it could be said that lunch was a snack and that this snack is the lunch, but let’s not debate) boiled lentils with chicken bits, onions, and tomatoes–salted and peppered.  Drank a large glass of water after, M.J.B.!

Dinner: lentils and chicken bits.


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